A Father’s Love

Last week my congregation celebrated Father’s Day in the usual way.  It gave us an opportunity to say “Well done, good and faithful servant” to some very good men.  It led us to pray for them, and for all Dads, who meet some very tough challenges as parents.  It provided the setting for us to reflect on our own Dads, to think about their strengths and weaknesses, their victories and failures, and give thanks for them – or for those who have been “fathers” to us in some coaching or mentoring way.  We prayed too for those who have had painful relationships with their biological fathers and for those who have found the Heavenly Father to be the best Dad ever.

That led us to look at the story of Abraham and his son Isaac, “his one and only son” whom he loved deeply.  We took a close look at the difficult, but ultimately inspiring story, of how he was tested by God – challenged to offer Isaac up as a sacrifice.  We looked at how Abraham was faithful, doing just that, proving his faith – and how God stopped Abraham’s hand just in time and saved the young man’s life.  We looked at all the striking parallels between that story and the story of  Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.

It’s not an easy tale to ponder but it is an important one.

It ultimately leads us to think about how profound God’s love for us all led God to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Father’s Day celebrations come and go.  Sometimes they do so without much fanfare.

But remembering, and giving thanks, for God’s deep, sacrificial, grace full love is something we should think about time and again.  More than that, it should lead us to our own acts of sacrificial, giving love.

How might you do that – today?

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