Waiting for the King

They had been waiting for four centuries.

Oh, the world had been turning, and history was made during that time.  Empires came and went, Alexander the Great had come and gone, Rome was in charge now, and a tiny strip of land – squeezed between great desert expanses – was about to become very, very important.

The astrologers from the East knew it – they had seen His star.  Herod, Rome’s puppet king, knew it too – and it made him very, very nervous.  The ancient prophet’s words were about to come true.

It was time for the Messiah to make his entrance.

He would come in a way that few would expect.  He would come, born to a peasant couple, in almost complete obscurity.

Nevertheless, He would change everything for all time.

Two thousand years later, many still go about their daily business without much thought of him.

Empires come and go, wars too, and – as we have witnessed in dramatic form this past week – natural disasters like hurricanes come and go too.  Life presents its challenges, large and small, and we try and make sense of it all.

It is good to pause and realize, as some did two millennia ago, that regardless of how we think the world is ordered, regardless of what our opinions about it all might be, the King – whom Christians call the Lord of Lords and King of Kings – that King is still in charge.

We may feel, at times, like the latest hurricane – literally or metaphorically speaking – has just blown into town.  Everything can seem out of control.

Still, there is a Divine order to the universe, and we can align ourselves with that order – through prayer, through Bible study, through worship, through service, through God’s grace.

We are in some ways still waiting for the King to arrive.  In other ways, He has already arrived.  He is there, on the scene, guiding, comforting, providing Divine resources out of His deep love and grace – no matter what our present circumstances might be.

Thanks be to God.



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