Snow Day

Today I am working from my study at home because, once again, it has snowed.  No big news there.  Virginia weather changes more frequently than I change my clothes.  So, it’s five degrees out one morning; fifty degrees out the very next afternoon but, for now, I am waiting things out and trying to be at least a little productive.

Which brings us to today’s musings.

When it comes to my ministry – there are no “real” snow days.

Yes, the work schedule – and location – shifts now and then.  Nevertheless, I think of those in my congregation who have are having medical tests performed or who have just had surgery; those who are mourning the loss of a loved one; those who are weathering (no pun intended) a shift in a relationship; those who are struggling with pressures at work or wishing their responsibilities at home were a little lighter.  I think of those who are dreaming today – hoping for new purpose.  I am reminded of those struggling to find purpose in the first place.  I think of the children – whose laughter and faith brings hope to us all.  I think of the elderly – whose wisdom gifts us all.  I think of those in-between – who are just trying to do the best they can.

These are the individuals, the families, the situations about which I pray daily.

I try not to worry – not too much anyway.  Though perfectly human, it’s really not very productive and it betrays how I need to have stronger faith at times.

I think, I pray, I do what I can to help and I give thanks when I remember I never do this alone.  My wife, my fellow congregants, my professional colleagues all help me along the way.  Of course, most of all, I am reminded of how I can “do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

There are no “real” snow days.  The process, the work, the ministry, never ends.  Even when I carve out some “R&R” time – the need remains.

On the other hand, so does God.  God remains – always there, always leading, always guiding, always blessing us with grace.

So, let it snow.  All will get done in due time, according to God’s purposes.

Time for another cup of coffee.  Then, it’s back to work – the work of the kingdom – snow or no snow.

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