Well, it’s fall again.  Really?  Can that be true?  I wonder as I sit sweltering with a fan blowing in my living room.  The old heat pump ain’t what it used to be – and I am feeling it.

Still, the calendar doesn’t lie.  It is the autumnal equinox – fall has begun.  That means soon the small congregation I serve will be cooking Brunswick stew at their annual fall festival; working on sweaters and scarves at the newly formed “Yak and Yarn” group; practicing their favorite Christmas carols and all the other things they do to mark the seasonal change.

Which leads me to wax, eloquently or not, about life’s seasons.

A few weeks ago I turned another year older and had an interesting phone conversation with my older brother about  “old geezers” and how to age as gracefully as possible.  We talked about how the seasons of our lives come and go and hopefully we grow at least a little wiser as they do.  We talked about staying in shape – or not.  We talked about growing health concerns and how to keep them at bay – or not.  I couldn’t help but think about how we continue to try and grow spiritually through it all – or not.

In other words, it’s about choice and discipline.  It’s about recognizing that life – every day of it – is a gift from God, for however long it lasts.  We mark our days with all their attendant ups and downs and hopefully, enjoy the journey along the way.

I can’t believe it is fall already.  I can’t quite believe I am another year older already.

I can believe, however, that this journey is worth the taking – with loved ones, with others I meet along the way, and with God.

Seasons come and go – and time passes – this is a certainty whether we like it or not.

So, embrace it.  Try to learn something new every day.  Take time to talk with, and listen to, those around you.  Pray.  Have some fun.  Help where and when you can.  Most of all, meet each day, each turn of the calendar’s page, with hope.

Wonderful, expectant hope.

It will not only help the days pass easier.  It will make it all worthwhile.

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