No Such Power Mark 4:21-41

They knew his teaching was profound and had a certain authority about it that none of the other teachers had. They knew, or at least heard, that he was able to perform miracles – even raise the dead. Now, they were astonished to witness that even the wind and the waves obeyed Jesus’ command.

Thousands of years later, we may read over such stories with little reaction. We have heard it so often.

But think of it – this Holy One – who ruled nature itself – has come and dwelt among us. Even more, he has said that we have the power to do even more than he did when he walked among us.

Does that mean we will raise the dead. Not likely – at least I can’t boast of such miraculous feats in my ministry. But that does not mean that we cannot bring healing, hope, resurrection just by speaking His name to others.

So often I hear people lament how powerless they feel over life’s daily struggles. This promise from our Lord flies in the face of such powerlessness.

Ask yourself – what could you do – today – this hour – to reach out and bring new life, new hope, new healing, just by uttering a word of grace?

There is no such power in the universe – and it is ours – for the asking.

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