IGW3 – Lord, Open Our Ears – Mark 7:14-37

Sometimes, it’s hard to listen.

There is so much noise, all the time. But if we slow down, open our hearts, pray for guidance in the simplest of ways: something like “Lord, open my ears to what you want me to hear,” we can find amazing clarity.

It may be that your family member needs to reach you, a co-worker, your child – it may be that a total stranger has something to say to you that you can and need to hear.

But it is a very noisy and busy world and it is so easy to miss.

Most of all, God may be trying to reach out, love, console, guide, warn.

Are you listening?

Jesus provided healing in many ways. One way, described in today’s scripture passage, was one of the most basic of ways – he opened a deaf man’s ears.

I wonder what that moment was like. I would have love to see his face, tears of joy streaming down, when he first realized he could hear.

Spiritually speaking, Christ can still do that for us today. But – he won’t force it on us. We have to ask. We may have to wait. But, if we are patient, we will hear – maybe for the first time.

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