Not Yet…

Well, if you have been following this blog since we began our most recent walk through the scriptures, you are probably expecting to read something about Jesus’s resurrection from the dead.

After all, that is where we are in the cycle of readings – the Gospel of Mark, chapter 16, the resurrection of Jesus.

But….not yet….

You see, it’s still Lent. It’s too early to talk about the empty tomb. All in good time , but not yet.

I don’t stop us – mid-cycle as it were – because I want to. I would like to jump ahead to Easter morning. I like the glorious images of angels announcing the good news.

Yet it is too important to jump there too quickly.

We need to pause, pray, be willing to spend some time in the Upper Room, the dark garden, the kangaroo court over which Pilate presided. We need to watch the sky darken over the cross, hear the women – and the men – weep, at the foot of the cross.

Only then can we fully appreciate the glorious morning when it finally, finally dawns.

So, we are going to pause. I will continue to bring daily posts. But not about the resurrection. Not yet. Don’t worry – it’s worth waiting for.

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