Supper Talk and Supper Miracles

What a meal it must have been. The learned Pharisee and the lowly carpenter’s son.

Jesus  – in the eyes of that Pharisee, that carpenter’s boy – first did something quite extraordinary.

He healed a man.

Then, when challenged by those who ignored the miracle and pressed him on doing wrong by healing on the Sabbath, Jesus did something equally confounding.

He told them those who thought they were great would one day be humbled – and those who were humble – would one day be exalted.

How that must have stunned them all. 

That is what the Lord did though.  That is what the Lord still does.  He turns the world upside down.  He exerts his heavenly authority – in the most humble, loving of ways.

God’s love triumphs again.

In our own troubled world it is a good reminder not to follow the seeming powerful, the self-righteous, those who believe they have everything and everyone under their thumb.

Jesus has – Jesus will – conquer them all and set right all that is wrong.

What a miraculous day that will be.

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