You Cannot Serve God and Money

There are times when we might hope Jesus wasn’t quite as clear as he is.

After telling a rather strange parable about an unjust steward, Jesus comes right to the point.

“You cannot serve God and money.”


What – no qualifications?  No conditions?  No legal loopholes?


You have to choose.  You can be mastered by money or mastered by the Master of the universe.

You pick – and you live with the consequences.

We might nit pick over a few minor details.  What do you actually mean by the term “mastered” Lord?

But, I think Jesus means what he says.  Ultimately, Christians are called to follow the Way of Life not the way of personal gain and worldly success.

Now here’s the good news…..

Jesus reminds us the TRUE riches of life are not of this world anyway.  They are the “peace that passes all understanding” and peace “not as the world gives,” but as only Jesus can give.

Maybe it’s not such a bad deal after all.

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