And So It Begins….

We have been looking at the material that is unique to the Gospel of Luke, in the section leading up to Jesus and his followers final entry into Jerusalem.  And so it begins…

  • We hear of how the Son of Man will be delivered unto death on a cross
  • We hear the disciples insist they will follow him there – even to their own death
  • We hear of how they were unable to keep that promise, and fell away
  • We hear of how, even then, Jesus loved them – and the world – to the end and beyond.

It is not an easy story to hear and experience again.  Still, it is the preface to the great good news of Easter.

So, let us press on.  I hope that as you read the various Gospel accounts in the coming couple of weeks you will find the courage to listen to the darkest parts of the story – so that you can hear again the most glorious parts of the Easter story.

Today’s texts: Matthew 20:17-19; Mark 10:32-34; Luke 18:31-34.

Jerusalem awaits…and so it begins.

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