Following and Glorifying

Luke 18:35-43

One of the things I learned early on in seminary was that when a particular event in Jesus’s life is recorded by Matthew, Mark, and Luke – all three, the Synoptic Gospels – pay attention.

Well, the healing we have been examining over the last few days is one of those events.

What is further interesting to note is the unique details that each author adds.  In this case, in Luke’s Gospel, that not only did the “certain blind man” who was healed – whom we know to be blind Bartimaeus – follow Jesus, he followed “glorifying” God.

So – Matthew says two were healed, Mark says Bartimaeus followed Jesus “in the way,” and Luke adds he didn’t just follow, he glorified God while doing so.

Which leads me to this question: do we just receive God’s blessing and healing and go about our way, or do we respond by following AND glorifying God?

I confess that sometimes, I only do the first part, the receiving part, of that two-part proposition.

As we walk with Jesus in the way – in the Way – to Jerusalem, Gethsemane, the crucifixion, and beyond – may we do so thankfully, glorifying God, each step of the way.

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