The Anointing

Matthew 26:6-13

OK, so here’s some good news.

The Scripture passages we have been looking at lately have been, well, difficult – to say the least.

The tale of the rich man and Lazarus; the sufferings of Jesus foretold; warnings about unfaithful servants being punished – you get the picture.

So, for the next few days we will be looking at a particularly beautiful episode from the Lord’s life.  It is his anointing, provided by a woman who loved him dearly.  It is poignant, touching, and speaks so eloquently of a woman’s deep love for the One who loved and saved her.

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t exactly an “easy” story to read.  After all, the woman is using precious oil to anoint her Lord “for his burial.”  It is the prelude to all the suffering, and death, we will read about during Holy Week.

Still, it is a welcome story because instead of judgement, and hate, and betrayal – there is deep, profound love.

As you read it again, as I say – for the next three days – in three different versions – keep watch.

Keep watch for the beautiful example this faithful woman provides for all of us.

In contrast to the protests of those who are selfish, those who think only of themselves, this woman is thinking only of how much she loves Jesus, in the purest sense.

She is for us a wonderful model of humility, gentleness, faithfulness, and devotion.

No wonder, just as Jesus predicted, what she did is remembered – and honored – to this day.

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