The Anointing, Part 3

John 12:2-8

Now, we finish out our look at this wonderful story of the anointing of Jesus prior to his death…

What details does John bring to the table?

  1. We have the name of the woman who anointed the Lord: Mary.  Not Mary his mother, but Mary the sister of Lazarus, who had seen the Lord raise her brother from the dead.
  2. We have the detail that Judas “complained” about the extravagance of Mary’s gift of oil – not because he really cared for the poor – but because he was a thief who was in the habit of tapping into the disciple’s funds whenever it suited him.

And in those two details – you have an encapsulation of the problem – good and evil – love and hate – generosity and selfishness – the devil’s way – and God’s.

In short, you have the reason Jesus came to this earth.

He came to provide – to be – the Way out.

He came to destroy evil – and replace it with resurrected, everlasting love.

This coming week, we will remember the story again.  The triumphant entry into Jerusalem, the plot against Jesus, the candlelit supper with his closest friends, the betrayal, the death – and finally, thankfully – the victorious resurrection.  Easter.

It is an old, old story.  It is one people of faith know well.

May we remember how Mary anointed Jesus for his death, loved him so deeply, just as Jesus loved us to the end of his earthly life and beyond.


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