It is the simple, powerful, heartfelt question I can imagine them asking as they drew near the religious holiday.

When would Jesus finally act?

After all the miraculous things they had witnessed…

After all the wonderful, and troubling, things they had heard him say…

After the mountain top – and deep valley – experiences…

Surely they were almost desperate to know – when?  When would he call down the fire from heaven, or summon the warrior Angels, or just wipe out Rome with a magnificent sweep of his hand?  After all, wasn’t that the point of all this?  Wasn’t he the Messiah?

When would the critics be silenced, the enemies vanquished, the rewards be handed out to the faithful?

When would they stop following – and start ruling alongside him?

“Do it, Lord, do it – usher in the kingdom….”

Of course, he had tried to explain that was not how it was going to happen.  Soon he would demonstrate his true nature as suffering servant.  He would model for them how they were to love as they had been, and would always be, loved.

Even those who knew him best could not have imagined what the next few horrible days would be like.

Only later would they begin to understand.

For now, in frustration, they could only ask, “When?”

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