A Simple Meal

Jesus, gathered with his closest friends, for an intimate meal.

Sounds simple enough but it was anything but simple.

It was more than just the celebration of Passover – though that is significant enough.

It was more than just one more way for Jesus to model the love he had for them, and that he wanted them to have for others – though that is profound enough.

It was more than the ushering in of God’s kingdom in his own day and time, though that is powerful enough.

It was the culmination of his earthly life to that point, the answering of his call to destiny, the instituting of a meal which today, all over the world, is remembered as the Lord’s Supper, Communion, the Eucharist, and the Mass.

Today, on Maundy Thursday, Christians all over the world follow the mandate to “Remember Me.”  We take the holy bread and cup, one Lord, one faith, one baptism.

We remember the Lord’s love, his example, his compassion, his betrayal, his sacrifice – all leading to the cross of Calvary.

We hold our breath, await the sad recollection even as we give thanks for it.

We wait – prayerfully waiting for Good Friday to come and go.

Most of all, we wait, for Easter morning.

Nothing simple about it.  Is there?

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