Strengthening Our Grip

Do you ever feel like sometimes you are (to borrow a great line from a Paul Simon song) slip slidin’ away?

  • The media bombards us with the latest screaming headlines regarding the latest horrific news…
  • You find yourself in deep into the “same old argument” with your boss, your spouse, your child, the neighbor next door…
  • You wake up, try and shake off the fatigue and start moving, so you can make it on time to the job you can barely tolerate because, after all, the bills have to be paid…
  • You find yourself wondering, for the 999th time, “is this all there is?”

If so, you are not alone.  Many, too many, live lives of “quiet desperation” when God has intended for us all to live with “the peace that passeth all understanding.”

How do we get a handle on it?

Years ago, Chuck Swindoll offered a great answer.  He said it comes down to “strengthening our grip.”  Our grip on what?  Our faith, our priorities, our life challenges, our family relationships, our work, our play, in short – ourselves in relationship to others and to the Other – the holy and loving God found in the Bible.

In the coming weeks leading up to the Advent/Christmas season (yes, Virginia, it IS coming) I want to walk down this path with you.  I want us to explore together how to strengthen our grip and stop slip slidin’ away.  My sermons at Elpis Christian Church, and these blog posts will be focusing on all the various ways we can, literally, “get a grip.”

More than that, how we can live joyfully, fully, and faithfully.

I hope you find the journey worthwhile.





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