Time to Wait

Well, it’s Advent again.  So what?

In answer to that question – I have nothing new or flashy to offer.  I don’t have a catchy new program idea; music you’ve never heard; a video that will really grab your attention – nothing.  Except this…

For thousands of years, people in need waited for God.  They waited for the long, awaited promise of a Savior, to come.  They waited for the Scripture to come true – that God would “dwell” among God’s people again – and in so doing bring grace, hope, and peace that “passes all understanding.”

It was a long wait – but eventually – He came.  In the most surprising of ways, He came.

The Word lived and dwelt among us and when the evil in the world tried to destroy him, and seemingly did on a cross of execution, He defeated them – again – just as He did in the beginning.

Ever since then, the world has been waiting again.  Waiting for another holy coming among us.

That is what Advent is all about.  We take a few weeks each year to quietly, patiently, lovingly wait for Christmas morning – and we affirm our willingness to wait until He comes again in glory and honor – once and for all.

This season, like every Advent/Christmas season, you will see a lot of glitz and glamour on display.  A lot of ads are going to be screaming at you from your television and computer screen to buy more – and more – and more.

I would invite you do something else.  Buy a little less, rush a whole lot less, sit down with your loved ones – or with someone who has no loved ones – and just wait.

Wait for God to come in the most unexpected and beautiful of ways.

He always has, he always will.  Come, Lord Jesus, come.




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