No Fear

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Like many faith communities, large and small, our congregation is trying to strike a healthy balance – no pun intended – between prudent response and panicked reaction – to the covid-19 pandemic.

We have decided to temporarily suspend all group church activities, including Sunday morning worship services.  We have done this not because we think there is no need for worship or prayer right now.  We have done it to make sure that the most vulnerable members of our community are not put at needless risk.  We are getting used to the idea of communicating in some new ways.  Some of us are spending a lot of time watching the news.  Others have turned the news off, seeking some peace and quiet.  We are reminding each other that the Church (note the capital C there) isn’t just limited to our own little community.  Nor is it contained within restraints of physical walls and designated times for gathering according to some prescribed number of participants.

We are the body of Christ and the Spirit of God moves where and when the Spirit wants to move.

That – is very good news.  That – is gospel truth.

We need not be afraid.  Should we be reasonably concerned?  Yes.  Should we plan as best we can so as to maximize our ability to remain healthy?  Yes.  Should we mobilize – perhaps in some very new ways – so that we can respond as needed, with love and compassion, especially for the needs of “the least of these” among us?  Yes.  Should we be afraid?

No – definitely not.  Fear is the devil’s domain – not God’s – and perfect love casts out fear.

So, who knows exactly where all this is heading?

Oh, wait.  I know.  GOD.

So, beloved flock, watch, be careful but not “care full.”

Trust.  Have faith.  And please…NO FEAR.

Don’t let the enemy have that victory.  Not now, not ever, no matter what.


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