Bible Study: Looking Back

One of the best ways we can understand how God is working in our lives right now is to look at what God has done in the past – not just in our lives – but in the lives of others. The Bible is a great record of that activity. THE OPEN BIBLE says “The Bible’s revelation of God’s work in the past provides and informative and exciting panorama of centuries of divine activity toward people.” It gives us “an education of truths unknowable apart from divine revelation….a mass of historical evidence for the truthfulness of the Christian faith….examples to help present day Christians….(and) encouragement for Christians in their life and witness.”

Good counsel is found in Deuteronomy 32:7,

“Remember the days of old. Consider the years of many generations. Ask your father and he will show you; Your elders, and they will tell you.”

When was the last time you sat down with an older believer, someone whose opinions you respect, whose mentoring you trust, and asked that person about his or faith? When was the last time you said, “You know, I was reading in my Bible, and there’s this passage I just don’t get. Have you got time to talk with me about it?”

Have that conversation – either about a particular passage of scripture – or faith in general – and I bet you learn a lot, especially if it leads you to look back. Look back to “the days of old,” where God did something important (as recorded in scripture) or where God touched your life in a particularly significant way. Ask your “elders” to help you clarify if the way you are thinking about those incidents correctly. You may or may not entirely agree with your mentor(s) and that is OK. Either way, it starts a deep conversation about God and that is always a conversation worth having.

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