Celebrate Recovery Ministry

It’s sad but true – there is an ever increasing need out there. People need help with recovery.

They may have a problem with alcohol or another substance, pornography, or be a “workaholic.” They may have some other form of compulsive, self-destructive behavior. Being a person of faith, a follower of Christ, does not make one immune to struggling with such issues.

That’s why as a Pastor and Certified Pastoral Counselor I have decided to add new recovery related information to this blog.

I will be utilizing the resources of the well-respected Celebrate Recovery ministry, along with other faith-based resources, to provide help to those struggling with addictive, self-destructive behaviors.

We at Elpis Christian Church hope you will turn to these resources regularly for yourself and/or for those you love. After all, Elpis means “expectant hope.”

There is hope. There is recovery. Let’s celebrate it – to the glory of God.

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