Week 35 Friday

Truth or Consequences Today’s scripture selection: Hosea 8-14 Key verses: Hosea 8:7a Do you remember a wildly popular game show from some years ago named “Truth or Consequences”?  It featured trivia questions and wacky stunts and it ran for years – first on radio then on television. But the phrase “truth or consequences” could be… Continue reading Week 35 Friday

Week 26 Friday

Stumbling Blocks or Stepping Stones Today’s scripture selection: Ezekiel 13-18 Key verse: Ezekiel 14:3 The ancient prophets were always providing their audience with choices. Those choices were about happiness or sorrow; growth or stagnation; faithfulness or idolatry; life or death. Sometimes the people chose correctly – too often they ignored the prophets’ pleading and chose… Continue reading Week 26 Friday

Week 25 Tuesday

Double Trouble Today’s scripture selection: First Kings 14-16 Key verses: First Kings 16:30-32      Ahab and Jezebel – their names are associated with the worst kind of evil.  Ahab is listed among a long list of evil kings and all the scripture can say about him is that “he did more evil in the eyes… Continue reading Week 25 Tuesday