No Fear

Like many faith communities, large and small, our congregation is trying to strike a healthy balance – no pun intended – between prudent response and panicked reaction – to the covid-19 pandemic. We have decided to temporarily suspend all group church activities, including Sunday morning worship services.  We have done this not because we think… Continue reading No Fear


Fear Today’s Scripture Selection: Psalm 27:1-2 So what stops us? What stops us from learning, growing, reaching out, reaching in, testing, loving, answering God’s call – or a thousand other things we might imagine? Often, too often, I think it is fear. None of us is immune, though some try to pretend they are. Fear… Continue reading Fear

Week 19 Wednesday

Mere Mortals Today’s scripture selection: Psalms 54-56 Key verses: Psalm 56:3-4        What are most afraid of?      Is it being… Impoverished? Alone? Ill? Unsuccessful? Attacked by others? Or it is any of a thousand other things that keep people awake at night?      If you think about it – most all of them… Continue reading Week 19 Wednesday

Week 5 Thursday

The Mediator Today’s scripture selection: Job 9-10 Key verses: Job 9:33     “If only there were someone to mediate between us,             someone to bring us together….”      With those words, Job lamented the fact that he felt incapable of fully pleading his case before God.  Although he couldn’t help but pour out his questions and his… Continue reading Week 5 Thursday