Week 11 Thursday

It’s Not Fair Today’s scripture selection: Job 21-22 Key verses: Job 21:7        “Why do the wicked live on, growing old and increasing in power?”        “It’s not fair” – three words that you’ve probably said now and then. I know I have.      It is difficult, especially when you are, as far… Continue reading Week 11 Thursday

Week 10 Thursday

Knowing Your Redeemer Today’s scripture selection: Job 19-20 Key verses: Job 19:25        Even though he was barely hanging in there – in his own words “by the skin of my teeth,” Job was still a man of faith.      Despite the tragedy, the loneliness, the rebuke of his own family and friends, he… Continue reading Week 10 Thursday

Week 9 Thursday

A Broken Spirit Today’s scripture selection: Job 17-18 Key verses: Job 17:1        In the long lament of Job – chapter after chapter expressing anger and frustration and hurt – perhaps there are no words that express it more succinctly than the ones we find when he says “My spirit is broken….” That says… Continue reading Week 9 Thursday

Week 9 Sunday

Today’s scripture selection: Matthew 23-25 Key verses: Matthew 24:35        As Jesus made his way toward Jerusalem, and the fulfillment of his destiny, it became painfully clear what was to come.      There would be suffering, and hardship, and conflict – there would be death – before there could be resurrection.  In the coming… Continue reading Week 9 Sunday

Week 8 Saturday

Filled and Overflowing Today’s scripture selection: Romans 15-16 Key verses: Romans 15:13 “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”   “I’VE HAD IT UP TO HERE!” Maybe you heard someone exclaim… Continue reading Week 8 Saturday

Week 7 Thursday

Fleeting Shadows Today’s scripture selection: Job 13-14 Key verses: Job 14:1-2        Job was fed up.  He was fed up with the unhelpful “advice” of friends; with their self-righteous attitudes and platitudes.  And he let them have it with both barrels.      Not only that – he gave God an earful too.  In the… Continue reading Week 7 Thursday

Week 3 Monday

A Rainbow’s Promise Today’s scripture selection: Genesis 8-11 Key verse: Genesis 9:12-16           Promises are important things.  From our youngest days we understand that.  Friends keep promises; enemies don’t.  Marriages are built on them; divorces happen because they are ignored.  Promises are just one way that we become people of integrity – people others… Continue reading Week 3 Monday

Week 2 Thursday

A Life Hedged In Today’s scripture selection: Job 3-4 Key verses: Job 3:23      When I first got my beloved dog Dash from the rescue foundation I found out he had been given that name for good reason.  Open a door, turn your back, and that little dog was gone – flying down the street… Continue reading Week 2 Thursday

Week 2 Monday

Waiting Out The Storm Today’s scripture selection: Genesis 4-7 Key verse: Genesis 6:8, 22      The Bible is filled with stories – stories of failure and victory; terrible sin and amazing redemption; death and life.  On almost every page we meet characters of all type and persuasion, some beautiful, some not.  But read those stories… Continue reading Week 2 Monday