Week 37 Wednesday

Not An Option Today’s scripture selection: Psalms 108-110 Key verses: Psalm 109:1-4 There are some, too many, who thrive on a little thing called revenge.  We hear it all the time… Man, just wait until I… I can’t believe they did that!  I’m going to… Oh, yeah, well “pay-back’s a….” You know it.  You’ve probably… Continue reading Week 37 Wednesday

Week 11 Thursday

It’s Not Fair Today’s scripture selection: Job 21-22 Key verses: Job 21:7        “Why do the wicked live on, growing old and increasing in power?”        “It’s not fair” – three words that you’ve probably said now and then. I know I have.      It is difficult, especially when you are, as far… Continue reading Week 11 Thursday