Week 21 Thursday

The Rest of the Story Today’s scripture selection: Job 41-42 Key verse: Job 42:2 For many years radio commentator Paul Harvey had a program which featured something he called “the rest of the story.” He would tell a tale about some interesting situation; some historical event, then, just about when you thought you understood it’s… Continue reading Week 21 Thursday

Week 20 Thursday

Speechless Today’s scripture selection: Job 39-40 Key verse: Job 40:4        Sometimes…there just aren’t any words.      Sometimes, either we have Said everything we can think to say or There just aren’t any simple answers or The pain is too deep or The beauty takes our breath away or It just seems best to… Continue reading Week 20 Thursday

Week 19 Thursday

Where Were You? Today’s scripture selection: Job 37-38 Key verse: Job 38:4        The “discussion/argument” was coming to an end.  Job, suffering things he did not understand; confronted by so-called “friends” who only added insult to injury – it had all been very difficult.  And through it all, God had remained silent.      But… Continue reading Week 19 Thursday

Week 18 Thursday

Understanding God Today’s scripture selection: Job 35-36 Key verses: Job 36:26        When Elihu was busy judging Job (although he probably would have said he was “correcting” Job) – he had this to say:      “How great is God – beyond our understanding!”      Well, I think he was partially right.      I will… Continue reading Week 18 Thursday

Week 17 Thursday

When Deep Sleep Falls Today’s scripture selection: Job 33-34 Key verses: Job 33:15-16 Have you had an interesting, or disturbing dream lately?  It could be God is trying to tell you something. When one of Job’s “counselors” tried to advise him, one called Elihu had something intriguing to say.  Though his words were heavy with… Continue reading Week 17 Thursday

Week 14 Thursday

Who Knows? Today’s scripture selection: Job 27-28 Key verses: Job 28:20-24        We’re all looking for answers.      Even the most self-confident, well-educated among us needs to learn – that is if they are to progress and not stagnate in life.  And even those who are forced by circumstances to just “survive” every day… Continue reading Week 14 Thursday

Week 13 Thursday

Fringe Today’s scripture selection: Job 25-26 Key verse: Job 26:14 You may have heard about a popular TV show named “Fringe”. It’s quite a roller coaster ride of show, deftly combining science fiction and fantasy, with a dash of theology thrown in too. Because of the special effects it’s not for the young or squeamish.… Continue reading Week 13 Thursday

Week 12 Thursday

Treasured Words Today’s scripture selection: Job 23-24 Key verse: Job 23:12        While Job was making his defense to those who accused him unjustly he said this:      “I have not departed from the commands of his lips.  I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my daily bread.”      Whose commands? … Continue reading Week 12 Thursday