Week 9 Tuesday

All About Me Today’s scripture selection: Judges 17-21 Key verse: Judges 21:25 “In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as they saw fit.”        Looking out for one’s own interests is something we can all identify with.  In fact, most psychologists I know would say it’s a perfectly healthy thing to do;… Continue reading Week 9 Tuesday

Week 8 Tuesday

Power From Above Today’s scripture selection: Judges 12-16 Key verses: Judges 14:5-7 There are some biblical characters that are so memorable that even those who know little about the faith know about them.  Samson is one such man. Ask about Samson and you are likely to hear some vague recollection of a sort of biblical… Continue reading Week 8 Tuesday

Week 7 Tuesday

Too Many Men Today’s scripture selection: Judges 7-11 Key verses: Judges 7:2 Ever feel outnumbered? Sure – it’s an all too common feeling – pressures mount around us and soon we find our strength failing; our resolve melting.  And before long we hear that enticing whisper in our ears, “If only you had a few… Continue reading Week 7 Tuesday

Week 6 Tuesday

The Next Generation Today’s scripture selection: Judges 1-6 Key verses: Judges 2:10 When I was a kid it seemed to me that those older than I were always talking about the “these kids today.”  Usually, what they had to say wasn’t very favorable.  There was lots of talk about hair being too long and dresses… Continue reading Week 6 Tuesday