Week 19 Saturday

Excel in Everything Today’s scripture selection: Second Corinthians 6-8 Key verse: Second Corinthians 8:7 A lot of us like to excel at something – at least one thing. Maybe it’s part of our nature; maybe it’s a reflection of our competitive culture; maybe we just like to feel good about ourselves – plain old “self-esteem.”… Continue reading Week 19 Saturday

Week 18 Thursday

Understanding God Today’s scripture selection: Job 35-36 Key verses: Job 36:26        When Elihu was busy judging Job (although he probably would have said he was “correcting” Job) – he had this to say:      “How great is God – beyond our understanding!”      Well, I think he was partially right.      I will… Continue reading Week 18 Thursday

Week 18 Sunday

The Torn Curtain Today’s scripture selection: Mark 15-16 Key Verses: Mark 15:37-38 “With a loud cry, Jesus breathed his last.  The curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom.  And when the centurion, who stood there in front of Jesus, saw how he died, he said, “Surely this man was the… Continue reading Week 18 Sunday

Week 15 Saturday

The Greatest Gift Today’s scripture selection: First Corinthians 13-14 Key verses: First Corinthians 13:13b        “And the greatest of these is love.”             Faith – without it we would be doomed to believe only in what we can see, touch, or taste.           Hope – without it we would be destined to a… Continue reading Week 15 Saturday

Week 12 Saturday

Popping the Balloon Today’s scripture selection: First Corinthians 7-8 Key verses: First Corinthians 8:1b When the apostle Paul set out to counsel some fellow believers on the Christian life he had his work cut out for him.  Not only did he have to deal with all the cultural influences that might sway new believers from… Continue reading Week 12 Saturday

Week 10 Tuesday

Family Ties Today’s scripture selection: The Book of Ruth Key verse: Ruth 1:16 Family – sometimes it’s “can’t live with them; can’t live without them.”  Even in the happiest of families, conflict and disagreement are inevitable. That’s one reason people love the story of the biblical characters named Naomi and Ruth. At its core –… Continue reading Week 10 Tuesday

Week 8 Sunday

My Fair Share Today’s scripture selection: Matthew 20-22 Key verses: Matthew 22:37-39        One of my favorite things to do at Christmas time is watch the T.V. special A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS.  As I get my annual dose of Linus telling the PEANUTS gang, “That’s what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown” I happily… Continue reading Week 8 Sunday

Week 4 Saturday

More Than Words Today’s scripture selection: Romans 7-8 Key verses: Romans 8:26-27 It’s become popular in recent years, among some Christians, to put a favorite Bible reference on their car’s license plate – a sort of “vanity plate for Christ.” I don’t have a problem with that – in fact, I’ve been led on more… Continue reading Week 4 Saturday

Week 3 Thursday

Some Lessons Hurt Today’s scripture selection: Job 5-6 Key verses: Job 5:17-18      It’s a cliché with which we are all familiar: A father stands before his child, preparing to discipline him, and he says “This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you, but….”  And whether or not the discipline is a… Continue reading Week 3 Thursday

Week 2 Sunday

How far is heaven? Today’s scripture selection: Matthew 3-4 Key verse: Matthew 4:17      Some years ago a song hit the airwaves that asked an important question, “Tell me, Lord, how far is heaven?”  That’s a good question. And I was a little surprised to find it being asked on pop radio.  Maybe I shouldn’t… Continue reading Week 2 Sunday