Week 38 Friday

Perspective Today’s scripture selection: Amos 5-9 Key verses: Amos 5:8 There’s no doubt about it.  Sometimes life can be a little overwhelming.  There are moments; hours; days; months; even years when just putting one foot in front of the other becomes a monumental task.  That’s when what is desperately needed is a fresh perspective. Amos,… Continue reading Week 38 Friday

Week 19 Wednesday

Mere Mortals Today’s scripture selection: Psalms 54-56 Key verses: Psalm 56:3-4        What are most afraid of?      Is it being… Impoverished? Alone? Ill? Unsuccessful? Attacked by others? Or it is any of a thousand other things that keep people awake at night?      If you think about it – most all of them… Continue reading Week 19 Wednesday