Week 43 Friday

Be Utterly Amazed Today’s scripture selection: Habakkuk Key verses: Habakkuk 1:5 The Old Testament book called Habakkuk is unusual. It’s about a prophet by that name.  But, instead of there being a lot of prophetic saying in the book, there is more of a dialogue; a question/answer session.  And who has that dialogue? The dialogue… Continue reading Week 43 Friday

Week 20 Thursday

Speechless Today’s scripture selection: Job 39-40 Key verse: Job 40:4        Sometimes…there just aren’t any words.      Sometimes, either we have Said everything we can think to say or There just aren’t any simple answers or The pain is too deep or The beauty takes our breath away or It just seems best to… Continue reading Week 20 Thursday

Week 19 Thursday

Where Were You? Today’s scripture selection: Job 37-38 Key verse: Job 38:4        The “discussion/argument” was coming to an end.  Job, suffering things he did not understand; confronted by so-called “friends” who only added insult to injury – it had all been very difficult.  And through it all, God had remained silent.      But… Continue reading Week 19 Thursday