Week 26 Saturday

No Complaints Allowed Today’s scripture selection: Philippians 1-2 Key verses: Philippians 2:14-15      The apostle Paul was gifted at balancing deep theologically profound teaching with down-to-earth practical counsel.      A good example is his writing to the believers in Philippi.      Smack dab in the middle of eloquent preaching about Christ’s humble life of servanthood… Continue reading Week 26 Saturday

Week 25 Sunday

Best Seat in the House Today’s scripture selection: Luke 13-14 Key Verse: Luke 14:11      Jesus had been invited to dinner, presumably quite a fancy dinner.  Luke tells us, “When he noticed how the guests picked the places of honor at the table, he told them this parable…”      The scripture goes on to describe… Continue reading Week 25 Sunday

Week 13 Saturday

Doing What It Takes Today’s scripture selection: First Corinthians 9-10 Key verses: First Corinthians 9:22b   “I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some.”        The apostle Paul knew his rights as an apostle of God.  He could quote them, chapter and verse, to… Continue reading Week 13 Saturday