Week 22 Sunday

A Noble and Good Heart

Today’s scripture selection: Luke 7-8

Key Verse: Luke 8:15

What kind of person is the type to receive God’s guidance when it comes?  According to Jesus it is the one with a “noble and good heart.”

He compared such persons to good soil in which valuable seed is planted.  The seed is God’s word or guidance.  The soil is the person who provides the necessary “environment” in which it can grow and flourish.

What gets in the way of such growth?

  • Being choked by life’s worries
  • Being already consumed by riches and pleasures
  • Being unwilling to grow and mature
  • Being “rootless” – and unable to withstand testing when it comes

In short, the world can be a place filled with all sorts of things that make it difficult, at best, to nurture God’s word to us.

But, it is possible, if we choose to make it so.

It takes time, patience, a willingness to turn off the computer or phone and a desire to spend some concentrated alone with Him.  But God will honor such a desire.

So, how about allowing God to do a little creative gardening in your soul this year?  Make yourself available.  Provide some spiritually rich soil.

God will take care of the rest.

Prayer: Lord, I open my life to you; sow the seed of your word into it that it may blossom.  AMEN.

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