Week 29 Tuesday

Well Guided

Today’s scripture selection: Second Kings 11-16

Key verses: Second Kings 12:1-3

     In ancient Israel kings came and went – frequently.  Some were pretty good; some were extremely evil; and some were very young when they began to rule.

     Take young Joash for example.  He was only seven years old when his reign began.  Happily for him, he was well guided – by a priest named Jehoiada.  Consequently, the scripture can proclaim “Joash did what was right in the eyes of the Lord.”

     Still – there were problems.

     The “high places” – the places of false, idolatrous worshiped, remained – and with them the problems.

     Well, thankfully, you and I haven’t been asked to guide a nation as a seven-year-old or, for that matter, at any age.  But we still face a similar challenge to Joash’s.

     In the face of false religion and false idols – we have to be willing to be “well guided” along the right path.

     There are so many choices; so many alternative ideas.  How do we sort through it all and keep on a straight path?

     I know of only one way: by turning faithfully and regularly to God’s word.

     The people with whom you socialize; work; play; perhaps even worship probably won’t be seen offering sacrifices and burning incense at your local neighborhood “high place” any time soon.

     But that doesn’t mean they aren’t drawn in the wrong direction, spiritually speaking.

     So you must be on your guard – for yourself, and your family, and your community.

     You need to be willing to ask the hard questions about your life, and be guided to the right answers by God.

We aren’t seven-year-old kings or queens.  But we need guidance every single day.  God’s word can provide that guidance – every time.

Prayer: Lord, may I be drawn to your Word daily for the inspiration, guidance, and protection only you can provide.  AMEN.


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