Week 30 Thursday

This Little Light of Mine

Today’s scripture selection: Proverbs 13

Key verse: Proverbs 13:9

     One of my earliest memories of church life is singing a song called “This Little Light of Mine.”  Over the years I have led more children than I can remember in singing this same song.

     If you’ve heard it, you know it’s all about letting the “light” of God’s love shine through us – and never, ever letting Satan “blow it out.”

     I’m sure that many find this little children’s melody naïve – a mere throwback to simpler days and simpler times.

     But it’s really a great message – one not only to be nostalgically remembered – but actively lived.

     Our world can be a very dark place.

     In fact, it’s getting to where I am almost afraid to flip on the news or surf the internet.  Too often the selfishness; the violence; the outright evil I see at work there is overwhelming – almost.

     Then I remember “this little light of mine.”

     I remember that I can brighten the corner of the world that I inhabit.  I remember that while “I cannot do everything, I can do something.”

     And I breathe a little easier.

     So here’s to children’s ditties from Vacation Bible School that remind us to be an unrelenting, always illuminating bit of light whenever and wherever we find darkness.

Prayer: Lord, let my light shine brightly, wherever it is needed.  AMEN.


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