Week 28: Use It or Lose It

Today’s Text: Luke 19-20

Key Text: Luke 19:26

“I tell you that to everyone who has, more will be given, but as for the one who has nothing, even what he has will be taken away.”

It’s one of Jesus’ more difficult stories to hear.

It’s about receiving talents – and using – or losing – them.

It’s about being given an opportunity to be about “kingdom work” while we await Christ’s return.

It’s about responsibility, and accountability.

Like I said, it’s one of Jesus’ more difficult stories to hear.

Read it for yourself – this little tale about a man of noble birth who travels to a distant land to be named king. Before leaving, he gives his servants some money, which he fully expects those servants to use for the benefit of the kingdom. Upon returning, he checks over the accounts and sees what the servants have been up to in his absence. Some can show they have been busy doing the king’s work. Others don’t have much to show. Some are rewarded. Some, well, like I said – it’s one of Jesus’ more difficult stories to hear.

It’s a harsh story, yes. But it teaches an important lesson.

Being a part of God’s kingdom – being God’s servant people – is more than just being on the “receiving” end of things.

Yes, we are the grateful recipients of God’s “amazing grace.”

We are also called to serve – to help build up the kingdom – not in “payment” for what we have received (we could never do that) but simply because that is what being a servant of God is about.

We have much ministry to do, in Christ’s name, until one day he returns.

We are, to use a modern phrase, called to “use it or lose it” – our talents and abilities – called into service – that is.

So, what can you use – to His glory – this week?

You may be surprised at just how much talent you’ve got. Why not use it? Today.


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