Casting Our Garments Away

In Mark’s account of the healing of Blind Bartamaeus (Mark 10:46-52) we have the same request we talked about yesterday: “Lord, I want to receive my sight.”  Lord, open our eyes.

There is a detail of the story that has always struck me.

It is the part about the blind man “casting away his garment” when Jesus took notice of his call for help.

I have heard an explanation about why it is important to note this detail that seems plausible to me.

It is that the garment described would have been that which he would have used to collect the coins that people, in their charity and pity, tossed his way.  It was not just a cloak, not just what he would have wrapped around him for what little comfort it could provide.  It was, in effect, his bank – filled with the only security he knew – as meager as it might be.

That’s why it is so significant that he tossed it aside to “rise up”and go to Jesus.

In his faith, he tossed it all aside, trusting Jesus for his renewed sight – and his security – for the future, wherever it might lead.

Can we show such faith? Can we stop hedging our bets and fully rely on God’s compassion?

We can, if like blind Bartamaeus, we – having received that compassion – follow Jesus “in the way.”

In comparison, a few coins wrapped in a tattered blanket, don’t seem so important.  Do they?

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